Just your everyday average tree-hugging, granola-munching, Goddess-worshipping, barefoot hippie chick, cleverly disguised as a suburban soccer mom.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Evan

    The woman who owns the shop was very rude to me. I came with two friends and she was incredibly nice to them, but acted coldly towards me. I attempted to make conversation with her when she rang up my items, but she completely ignored me. She gave my two friends a bay leaf but didn’t give one to me even though she had plenty. Don’t know what I did to her, but I won’t be coming back here.

    1. Juli

      Hi Evan – I’m the owner. First of all, I apologize PROFUSELY. I try very hard to NEVER be rude, and I’m very sorry I came across as inconsiderate or dismissive in any way. I do give bay leaves to customers with every purchase (if I have them) and there’s no excuse for my having neglected that courtesy. I can only assume I was having a badly distracted moment, as I would not deliberately exclude anyone. Please give me another opportunity to serve you. If you find you are able to give me another chance, I will include a package of nag champa incense with your purchase, as well as extend my apology in person.

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